Project will continue.

The Black Northern Reign Project was ceased temporarily due to personal issues in my life, but now the project will continue. When I started this project I did not expect anything, but I recieved a lot more attention than I ever really planned for. This seams hard to believe, given this type of genre of metal. In a country where everyone is supposed to be free- the United States- (and I have been around the world) I never expected the responses- both good and not so good. But this is more directed to the minority of responses that were not so good- in that- as an individual I was wrongly stereotyped, and was unduly critisized just because I was not another brick in the wall and chose to have my own expression.

Haters will be haters, and not worthy of any attention. But they give me reason to be even better, and to even take it up a notch, to another level. This requires even more work, and right now it is just too much for me.

The fact that a minority ot responses are not so good does not really bother me-

When I started working on the next album, which was going to continue in a steady imporvement in the sound, it turns out that it will take considerably more work- (especially with the videos) actually more work than planned, and for me being one person- that does everything- litterally- music instruments, arranging, production, recording, videos, putting out albums through CD Baby- it has been difficult and frustrating due to my schedule, physical issues, and other demands. However, things have improved, and the work will continue. 

March 2014 Update: 10th Album titled "Ophanim" planned in the near future. 

Northman / Ophanim

 This is the tenth album, fifth official release. This will continue in the sound of VIII-7.  Heavy percussion and bass lines, high distortion rhythim guitar, encompassing keyboard and black metal vocal. As of this date this is the Black Northern Reign sound.

Under construction :The tenth album, liquid crystal, 10 concordance, higher frequency, singularity, The Transcendental Frequency. Quickening.Boundless Darkness. The Grand Revelation. Eternal Light. KVLT

Berzerker (2014)

This Album is simply hard, simple but brutal black metal. With the last album focus was on getting my sound the way I want it and the videos took a back seat hence the picture videos. This time the focus will be on the videos. This will not be about political correctness or trying to sound appealing to anyone. A one two punch to your face and a guitar shoved down your throat. Be warned, turn away from this now, and never look back.

VIII (2014) online to buy at CD Baby.

My next album will be called "VIII". This album will continue in the black metal style that has deep emotion and sincerity, slower pace and more feeling but the addition of solid unstoppable intensity will make this album an unquestionable progression for me with my self designated "modern elemental black metal."  People have asked me about what I use. I have an Yamaha YPT portable keyboard that I do all keyboards. Roland Drums have customized sounds and portability. The Westone Bass has a very clean sharp sound while the BC Rich has a more soothing flowing bass sound. The ESP LTD has a very uniform tone with all the strings while the Jackson has a richer, more dynamic tone that sticks out well with distortion, but does not have the uniformity. The G- Burton lacks the more developed sound but the single coil configuration produces a sound with distortion that very good, with a certain rawness that cannot be found with more developed pickup systems.  I use bass EQ foot switches, VOX guitar processor and a wide band foot switch EQ for everythng else. I also use a foot switch Digital Delay for drums but its broke now. I use a simple BOSS BR-600 Stereo Digital Recorder that puts everything together and is central to the entire operation. The Recorder has also has EQ delay, reverb, etc- other preprogrammed setting that I use on top of the other effects. Wah for guitar, JC Clean  or line 7,9 for drums and keyboards, Line 32 for voice, SUSTAIN for bass. I transfer the completed track to a modified 64 bit processing computer where I load up tracks to burn CD's load them online, or combine with video tracks for music videos on YouTube. everything gets put on the band webpage as well. I have a guitar effects "board" that has a plethora of things but the sound is better live than recording because its so powerfull it takes away from the other instruments on the recorded track, sometimes I will still use it for its capabilities. I send tracks to CD Baby and it gets put out for distrobution and sale worldwide. I also use Roland Amps 50, 100 watts for live sessions and Harbinger Powered Speakers 150 watts x 2 for sessions and studio monitors, all of this in one bedroom. I can make the house shake. For black metal that is good stuff indeed. Black Northern Reign was created by its sole member- me, Svendorrian to fill a void in the black metal scene that is becomming rarer each day. I created this band originally for me, to give myself music to listen to, but now I find out that I have a following. This is (self titled) Modern Elemental Black Metal, which is Scandinavian black metal in it's original form (80's 90's era-1st and 2nd wave) but with a mature, modern feel. This is underground, not mainstream, and the tracks are "basement type recordings" meaning the production is far from being refined. being too perfect would take away from the true nature of black metal. Nowadays many black metal artists have sold out to the mainstream and see their music more as a business than artistic endeavors for the purpose of getting contracts and appealing to the mainstream to make more money. That is not the true purpose of Black Metal. Black Metal is not meant for the masses, never was. It caters to a "niche" audience and does not give a damn about the "others." My Black metal is highly focused, powerful and meant to exude an deep spiritual empowerment nature and purpose that can never be found anywhere else in any other type of music, anywhere in the world. It is nonconformist, adverserial. Black metal rejects, turns off and turns away all but a select few. If you are a part ot that few you will know and if you are not you will definitely know. 

One Man Black Metal.

"As Black Metal grew from the second wave in Norway and the third wave from the United States the most compelling figures to emerge from the genre's evolution are the true loners. Artists who play all their own instruments, and don't just scream about isolation and misanthropy, they live it. These one man Black Metal Bands convey a rage and emotional noise that make the people who convey them even more fascinating." - Noisey.

This is coming from a Black Metal Documentary on One Man Black Metal Bands by "Noisey" on YouTube called "One Man Metal / OMM." I would highly recommend anyone curious about One Man Black Metal Bands to check out the documentary. The documentary explains it far better than I ever could.


"Svendorrian" available online.

"Svendorrian" Album completed. 1 February 2013. "Svendorrian" album continues to show BNR's signature Dark Doom "Modern Elemental" Black Metal. Despite efforts to use more words, my artistical expression and emotions that I feel cannot be expressed in words. So I will continue with minimal word content but strong black metal growls, screams etc. since they do contribute significantly to the artistical composition. Whenever words are used they may be English, Danish or Norweigian dependant on which compliments the mood the best. Even though Black Northern Reign has only one member, Svendorrian, it is self titled to help give a more personal representation to the work. The music videos included add to this, which all of the music videos do.

Black Northern Legacy for sale online.

"Black Northern Legacy" will be available for sale online through cd baby and many outlets like I Tunes and Amazon. (I have no agreement with Amazon). The release date is 21 November 2012.

This is a 3 CD compilation of the 5 previous albums, all of which are not printed and not published.

I am a Musical Artist.

I am a musical artist. I create entire musical compositions. I have been doing it since my childhood. My focus is not on any one instrument. I am not the type to play guitar solos all day long. I am the type that would create all of the music including the guitar solos, vocals, videos, etc and I do it all by myself. I play all the instruments by myself -bass, keyboards, drums, etc. and I do all the composing, producing and arranging. While I can play music made by other people I do not. I create my own work and I will not focus my attention on someone elses work. 

I created Black Northern Reign for me. I do have a fan following and to those fans I say again thank you and youre welcome. For those who may not find this suitable to you, simply do not come to this website. My work is a musical and artistical expression, not a form of entertainment.

My focus will continue to focus more on artistical expression, musical substance more than anything else. I will continue to keep it real. I will continue to put out rehearsals along with finished tracks. I will continue in my own personal style, modern elemental black metal. 90's era Black Metal and Finnish Funeral Doom. Epic atmospheric keyboards, strong bass lines, dominant black metal rhythim guitars, Ritualistic yet catchy drumming and double bass blast beats, ice cold vocals with clean voice supporting vocals. Sometimes with futuristic influences.

But if one just thinks that this project of mine is cool, that is perfectly fine as well. perfectly fine. 

Tentative. next release.

Tentative project during the winter of 2012-2013 . Included in the formula are melodic bass lines, ritualistic rhythim guitar, cold, icy vocals, operatic supporting vocals,haunting keyboards and purposeful drumming with blast beats. It will be in the vein of "The Way of the Black Warrior" and "The Mighty Grimfrost Cold." This will be highly focused in purpose. It is tentative but it may be the first commercially released album.

Ærefrygt (Veneration).

The Reign continues and evolves with Veneration. Most lyrics remain in Danish. Features "The Purest Black" in English. Included are practice sessions, rough tracks as well as finished tracks. Having some rough edges are a part of Black Metal.

The AntiChristian Agenda.

Being a Lone Wolf, refusing to just follow others like sheep, I did my own research into the issue involving Christianity and Scandinavia. I read the Holy Bible and researched historical accounts. It turns out (and this is strictly my own opinion) that the "Christians" that brought Christianity to Scandinavia where more often just Agents of the Vatican, and the Vatican was simply using the name of God to spread Cristianity to use the Catholic Church as a tool to gain power, control, and revenue. They preached as Christian Doctrine the commandments of misleading men, and the Bible mentions that doing this is very wrong. True doctrine comes from the Bible, not from the words of Saints and Clergy. And because many commoner people did not know the actual words of the Bible, the Agents of the Vatican utilized ignorance and fear, the Crusades and the Inquisition, to practice intimidation through the Roman Army to attain their non christian agena. The Clergy and their "agents" commited vast crimes assuming that they would be simply forgiven so they could get away with it. The Bible speaks this type of act as also being very wrong to the tune of simply "playing God for a tool." There have been situations even today of priests of the Vatican being sexual deviants, molesting young boys, and the Vatican just "sweeping it under the rug" and thinks that it will just go away, assuming that people will not know any better because their attention spans are so short and they are slaves to ignorance and misinformation. Regardless how noble they assumed that their efforts were, under the name of Christianity, they trespassed onto the Northern Lands and spat in the face of the Norse people, and for that alone, I can understand the hostility with Christianity. They trespassed onto other lands, including the lands of the New World, and they (in this case the invading Pilgrims, Spaniards and others) destroyed Ancient Native American culture that existed for thousands upon thousands of years. Because they used Christianity as a tool, Christianity has become the target of hostility and hatred. What they did was wrong. True Christianity practices RESPECT and FREE CHOICE. And respect and free choice was shown by Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. He never forced his beliefs on anyone. Everyone has free choice, but they will be responsible for the choices they made. It is mentioned in the Bible that people like those "trespassers" from the Vatican will face a far worse judgement from God, far worse than those who simply reject Him. It is said in the Holy Bible that because they are neither hot or cold, but lukewarm, they are not palatable and he will spit them out of His mouth. While it does indicate in the Holy Bible that he who wins souls is wise, there are many "crusaders" today who stray from what is specifically indicated in the Bible, and that shall surely bring eternal judgement on themselves. They have brought shame and dishonor to "True Christianity" and as a result, many including many of my Norse Brothers have based judgements on inaccuracies and lies. True Christianity RESPECTS ALL PEOPLE. No man is worthy of judgeing another man. According to the Holy Bible that is for God to decide. Those who used Christianity for their own agendas shall surely be judged by God.Those who do that and things otherwise violate what is written in the Holy Bible. These same people are the mass of sheep that surrounds us all. They all take the wide broad road travelled by most people. They are generally "everyone." They are today's modern society, and they are anything but Christian. And that is not me saying this, it is the Holy Bible itself saying this. So to link society with true Christianity is not only completely inaccurate, but it is to live in self imposed ignorance, self deception and simply following the anti-christian crowd without excersizing your own free will to take the time and do your own work for yourself, and research to find out your own path and find out your own answers for yourself. So for all those whom have ears to hear, see the truth. Do not just jump of the "hate christianity" bandwagon. Do your own research. Check out the information for yourself. Do not simply follow everyone else like sheep. Excersize your own freedom. Take Your Own Path, whatever is shall be, as I shall take Mine. So Mote it Be Written.

edit: post script 30 Oct. 2012.

Metal is about freedom. Individual freedom. Whether Asatruar or Christian it is my choice. I will not be manipulated to "fit in." If someone has a problem with me because of who I am or my ways then they are far worse than those they criticize. I do not push or force anything about myself on anybody and I expect others especially in the metal community to push themselves or force their ways on me. If they do they are no better than a Catholic priest. 

I do everything. I play all instruments, compose and produce, make my own videos, etc. If I wanted to make money I would go mainstream, be a sell out and not play black metal. But this pitiful world means nothing to me, and the last thing I want to be is a liar to my own self. 



What is this Monster I have become?


So Mote it Be.
I was born on an unknown island in the tropics. My childhood was what many would call "utopian."
I was a shy and quiet boy, a product of the peaceful environment. Yet many times I looked beyond the shores that surrounded me quietly. I knew that beyond the shores of my island home there was "the rest of the world" and that was a monster, a very dangerous monster that could damage me for life that was lurking beyond the waters.
Sooner or later I had an inner sense that I would eventually meet that monster, and it would be a long, slow and painful experience. My bloodline originated far beyond my shores far, far to the North, and I knew that I may possibly learn of things I would have never known otherwise.
In my mid teens I left my quiet little island world reluctantly. The initial culture shock of a new environment took me awhile but I learned to adapt to new environments- as best as I could. I tried to just be another brick in the wall, but I was never just another brick in the wall, and I was called to something more.
That led me on a journey as a Warrior on an epic saga of joy, pain, romantic bliss and utter madness. I found the knowledge of my ancient Norse bloodline and came to a deeper understanding of myself, and why I am what I am.
I have been around the entire world a few times and I seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. In all of the countries I have been to, I have never come there as a tourist, I came there as a Conqueror, and as a Conqueror I have had to deal with the best but more often the worst that this world has to offer, quite often too much for any one person to experience. This was the “monster” I feared.
Eventually, I prevailed. Decades later this journey has come full circle and it has changed me significantly. On the outside I have changed little, even age has not changed me as much as it should. But when I look into my eyes, I see a completely different being. I see a being that is completely alien to the shy boy that left his tropical island home many years ago. If that former self were to look at the present latter self. It would be intimidated, awed, scared, yet have a sincere reverence. The former self would see a being of intense inner energy, a pure being with a capacity for great goodness, but with a capacity for great brutality and ruthlessness as well. A silent being with a seething ancient rage within, but balanced with a deeper, spiritual connection to a higher, deeper reality, and that what was, is, and forever shall be.
So for those who knew me as my former self are now shocked or surprised at how I am now, I am sorry but I have a right to be different and a right to be myself, and not be what others say I should be. My spiritual beliefs have never changed. Just as you have the right to be yourself. When no one had answers for me, I had go take my own path and find them. I refuse to jump on anyones bandwagon, including the bandwagon of how I am supposed to be in Black Metal. Respect to all. Mote it be Written.
Thank You all for your Support.

Grimmer than Thou says Black Northern Reign is favorite one man black metal band. Damnation Alley says Black Northern Reign is easily their number one black metal band for 2012. "The next Big Thing in Black metal"- Captain Crawl. "One of the most talented one man Black Metal artists to ever walk this earth" - Shirtallica. Black Northern Reign-etc, etc. Svendorrian etc, etc. People who I do not know have come up to me and compliment me on my work. Others became terrified of me. When I started Black Metal Reign, I honestly did not plan for any response at all and I did not expect anything. If anything at all, I thought I would be ignored. Black Metal Reign is a special niche of "True" and "Cult" Underground Black Metal, and was originally created purely to satisfy my own insatiable hunger, and for mental, visual, musical artistic expression and therapy. Spiritual Empowerment. I never created this band for anyone. Reguarly I am flattered by everyone's appreciation and support, and I am equally flattered by those who find me quite the opposite, Black Metal is not meant to be cool, pretty or nice, not meant to be happy, not meant to be "accepted" ...So for those who find Black Northern Reign impressive, interesting, a "new face" on the scene, thank you for your support. For those who find me to be to the contrary, then stay away, stay very far away. With each new release of tracks I find myself tapping deeper and deeper into my mind. I have no idea where this is going. I do not plan out my tracks, I can not sit down and plan my music and videos. It just comes out randomly, with no prior thought or forbearance. When I start a track or video I have absolutely no idea were I am going, I just let my mind guide me, step by step, and I just let it flow when it wants to. Everything, all the instruments, vocals videos, music production I do it all by myself and I do it in this manner, and many of you appreciate this and I thank you all. So shall it be written-Mote it be.

Music Videos

I plan to put out as many videos as possible. I am sick and tired of seeing less and less black metal music videos being made, and if any videos are put out it is of concert footage. To me concert footage is just that- concert footage. Scenes of concert footage or a collection of photos are not real music videos. They are completely separate. With Black Northern Reign you will not see that- as a matter of fact you will not see any concert footage put in the same label subcategory as music videos. I plan to continue to put out as much videos as I can. There are many bands with so much support and resources available, but they do not put out any real music videos. Since I am not involved in the "business" side of music, I do not answer to any of the politics that comes with dealing with the "business" aspect, or being "politically correct." I am a musical artist, and my audio and visual work are expressions of my inner self, and what I have learned in the Underground Death, Doom, and Black Metal Genres. Where many well known Metal bands fail I shine, and it is a strong point. And yes, aside from my wife helping me with the shooting of some scenes, I do all this- including video editing, effects and production- all by myself. (p.s.) Now if someone is only concerned about videos and nothing else, that sends a negative impression to me, because videos are only part of the big picture. Videos support the music and the overall picture, and the purpose and meaning is with the big overall picture.

Den Mægtige Dystre Frost Kulde (Mighty Grimfrost Cold).

Svendorrian makes Black Metal for himself, and he does what he likes because he likes what he does. If anyone else enjoys it that is fine. If not, that is fine as well. He continues his Reign with the Mighty Grimfrost Cold.

Den Sorte Hammeren (Black Hammer).

...And so yet Again Shall it Be Written- Throughout his entire life, Sven has always journeyed the roads lesser travelled, navigated waters lesser ventured. After a time span of several months, Black Northern Reign will return to the studio to release "The Black Hammer" sometime during the winter of 2011-2012.  "The Early Tracks" was a laying of groundwork for the future, "The Way of the Black Warrior"  was an expression of his journey in Black Metal, and now "The Black Hammer" showcases what is behind him, Svendorrian- The Patriot, The Modern Warrior, Combat Soldier, a silent Lone Wolf among Sheep- having to answer to no person- a person tied to ancient royalty and with an ancient name that has ties with Sweyn II, a fellow Dane, and the most famous Viking King in Norse History. Professional type music videos will complete the package. "The Black Hammer -2012." So Mote it Be.....