Modern Elemental Black Metal.

"Firdt til U Herske" -Born to Rule-...Of the Aesir... Du har slaegtninge i Danmark i Norge... Fjellne i Norge gjir meg sterk... Das Schwert unserer ahnen"...

BLack Northern Reign is a one man group comprising of me, Svendorrian. I am a very quiet and solitary adult, and mature man, born from a small island in the Caribean Sea which formerly belonged to Denmark.. From my mother's Norse blood I have an almost 1000 yr old Scandinavian Bloodline going back to royalty, (Denmark/Norway but originating in Scotland) but my father is British, part Carib Indian, part Black (non African American) I am multi racial, but the "Call of the North" has always raged strongly within me... I am a US Citizen but unofficially a citizen of Denmark as well, and in my early years once spent a quiet afternoon with the Queen of Denmark...and by blood I am and will always be a Dane ... Even before my birth, my Mother's Father, which came from the Danish Mainland to the (formerly) a Danish Colony in the Caribean Sea (now a US Territory, bought by the US from the Danes) has spoken well of me, that I am a proud ( albeit exotic) example of fine Scandinavian breed, but I was also raised to respect everyone, and I do not think of my self as being better than anyone... I used to be actively multi lingual... I speak a little German (used to speak a lot), less Norweigian and I stopped speaking Danish and Spanish many years ago and I have completely forgotten it. Also briefly learned a little High Arabic and Hangool, the Korean Language, however I have forgotten it as well. While I do forget the vocabulary, it would not be hard for me to get back into it if I had to. I am Odinist, Asatruar, but Christian first.. I have been a Leader (and in charge) of American Military Police Soldiers.. I have seen Multiple Combat Tours in Iraq and I am a War Veteran of other campaigns as well. (Bosnia, Kosovo, missions in South Korea, Central America, Europe, Military Customs in England and Turkey)... In my pastime I am a seasoned and experienced SportBike Semi Pro level Superbike rider / ex racer (pastime), my strength is in Open Class Endurance Racing, but I am too busy to do any real racing, and while I still ride, I no longer race (officially)... Even before my birth, I was on a motorcycle, and I was thrown off of a motorcycle as well...I was six months in my Mother's womb when my father took her for a motorcycle ride, he wheelied the bike and threw her off, with me inside of her. Motorcycles are definitely in my blood, as well as riding horses, preferrably the strong, powerful work horses... I run a black metal music project called BLACK NORTHERN REIGN. My number one vacation spot is in West Denmark and Western Norway, where I have places I go to, to get away and enjoy silence ad quiet..However home is the best place to be... I am very much open and transparent, but my still waters run very deep. Privately I used to have been involved in exclusive, underground Scandinavian and Central European based Dark Metal/ Doom / Black Metal subculture, with the central area of focus has been my time and personal visit at The Fantoft StaveKirke (Stave Church) in the area that is called Paradis just outside of Bergen, Western Norway. Two products of this paganistic subculture is the music of Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. Also certain "select" Death Metal.. Notable mentions of places where I have also made very personal and heartfelt visits at are the mountains and forests of Os, to include the temple ruins of the Cisterian Monks, some 30 miles south of Bergen, Norway, near the Hardangerfjord. This area became known as the famed "Blashyrk" by the band Immortal... Also Bergen, the Hardangerfjord, and the Roof Top of Norway, the Hardangervidda... southwest across the North Sea, Stonehenge, near Salisbury, in south central England.. and back northeast across the North Sea just south of Norway, the town of Ribe, Denmark, the Original cultural center of Old Scandinavia. This fact must not be confused with Norway, the geographical center of Scandinavia, and a brief stop in time at these places made me really realize myself and where I came from, and belong to, and my personal identity in who I really am... It was a period in my life that forever changed me...and awakened something that is what I am, and what it means to be truely Scandinavian... Nowadays, I take things with more ease...and as far as music goes, generally speaking, Classical music sometimes.. All have contributed constructively to me... I am happily married, no children, 170 pounds, slender but muscular..5 feet 11 inch short of 6 feet... Quiet, Solitary... peaceful.. a loner but not lonely.. I avoid all stress whenever possible. I live my life in a disciplined manner that keeps me away from any situations that could result in a "headache" further down the road.. Even before my birth, the strong Scandinavian blood which has been passed on to me has dictated that I would eventually be a Distinguished Warrior and modern day Chieftain...This was not my original choice of my path, and not my choosing, but because of hereditary and genetic callings within me, I now carry my sword high and strong, backed by all of the swords that came before and under me... A true reality that came to me in a powerful vision at the time of the death of my Grandfather, and is now manifest. And as I look into myself, I realize that I am not me alone, but that which came before me, is, and forever shall be...This is my personal repository of what is, ultimately, of me.

SVENDORRIAN and BLACK NORTHERN REIGN practice RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE and FREEDOM. I do not care about religious views, or anyone's personal opinions, or anyone's politics. As long as you love Black Metal. Embrace Black Metal. I answer to no person, and I firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom to live their lives as they choose, not stereotyping, while taking full responsibility and consequences for their actions.