SVENDORRIAN is a American Soldier that served multiple tours in Combat and numerous tours of duty throughout the world with an honorable impeccable service that spans decades. Since his birth, his proud Scandinavian Blood going back at least almost a thousand years reflected through him and his entire life. Since he was old enough to pick up an instrument, he was making music. At the age of seven, he started with the violin, and with Classical Music. At the age of eleven he got involed in school bands to the point that he could play all of the instruments, wind, string, brass, percussive, electrical, etc. He was known by everyone as being highly involved in music and school bands, performing in public events, concerts, parades and just "to jam out." While he liked Classical Music the best he continued to search for a musical expression that targeted the Norse Blood that raged within him. Contrary to what one may believe, he did not grow up in the metal genre, and at the time there was nothing in the metal genre that he found solace with. A "Black Sheep" or a "Lone Wolf" some may say, he walks his own path and he does not and will never answer to any group or genre.  He completed College having also studied abroad in Europe. Finally, in the 1990's he came upon Scandivavian Black Metal, and he found the voice of the northern energy that raged in his soul. He has spent some time in Hanstholm in Western Denmark among other fellow Danes,and briefly passed through Ribe, which was the center of Old Scandinavia. He has also spent some time in Western Norway, in Bergen, and the Hardangerfjord. There was an instant natural connection with the fellow Norse, an instant natural connection that can not be compared to anything else in the world. Now that he has found his Calling, He founded BLACK NORTHERN REIGN.

 BLACK NORTHERN REIGN is a one man black metal entity that was founded by SVENDORRIAN during the winter of 2009 in Seattle Washington. While originally among the multitude of instruments he has played, he primarily saw himself as a funeral doom bassist. But now he handles all instruments, vocals, music production and recordings, music videos and CD production (the CD's are black on both sides). The purpose of this one man band is to fill a certain niche in modern Black Metal that is becoming more and more scarce every day. A type of Black Metal that is full of emotion and spirituality or mysticism, with heavy Black Doom influences. As more and more bands play with a superficial direction to improve their skills and playing ability, BLACK NORTHERN REIGN's purpose is that of a deeper and significant substance. To express a deeper, purer, more elemental side of Black Metal. SVENDORRIAN and BLACK NORTHERN REIGN are in League with the EUROPEAN BLACK LEGION. Put yourself in a quiet and preferably dark environment, sit down, turn the volume up, and relax, as you enter a different reality, a reality just as real, but with an eternal mindset.

SVENDORRIAN and BLACK NORTHERN REIGN play Black Metal because I love Black Metal, I love to play Black Metal, and I love the Black Metal Underground. I do not care about money. I do not care about gig or record deals. I do not care about the mainstream. My tracks may be far from perfect, but I do not care. If they were perfect, it would not be "true" and "cult" Black Metal. I have a good time and enjoy playing them. I will put out unfinished practice sessions just as quickly as "finished" tracks. That is part of what "true," "cult." and "underground" our Modern Elemental Black Metal is.

I use Ernie Ball Strings, ESP, Jackson (aged several years) guitars, B.C. Rich and Westone Bass (aged 30 years), Yamaha Keyboard, MIDI by Siel/Suzuki, Vic Furth sticks, Roland, Ludwig and TAMA percussion. Amps by Roland and Harbinger. Sound engineering and production through VOX, DOD, MXR and BOSS, 

All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, sound effects by SVENDOORIAN. All music and videos produced by SVENDORRIAN. Memorex Black CD recordings by SVENDORRIAN. Custom spikes by Spiked Leather. Music Videos / Production through Canon, A-1 Ozark Custom Electronics and Adobe. Pictures through Sony.

Conveyor of Purest Oratories - Ice Vocals

Conveyor of Noblest Oratories - Clean and Oratory Vocals

Eternal Keys of  Highest Transcendences - Keyboards and Effects

Strings of Timeless Purities - Lead Guitar

Strings of the Bleakest Northern Ice Winds - Rhythim Guitar 1

Strings of the Limitless Cosmic Enrichment -  Rhythim Guitar 2

Skins of the Eternal Battle Triumphant - Drums  with Double Bass and Percussion

Strings of Unwavering Foundations - Bass and Bass Chords

Dark Keys of the Final Eternity - Bass Keyboards

So Mote it Be.

 During the winter of 2009 in Seattle, Washington, Svendorrian, the single member of the one mand band Black Northern Reign, started work on the first collection of tracks. These tracks and practice sessions were created to lay the initial groundwork for the future Signature Black Northern Reign Black Metal sound, which has origins in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Doom metal from Finland.

2011 -Black Northern Reign went back to the studio and built from the groundwork of the the best of the Early Tracks, and a significant amount of sound engineering was done to improve the signature sound of Svendorrian and Black Northern Reign Black Metal. The percussion is deeper, the vocals became more filled with Black Metal passion, keyboards more atmospheric, the bass a bit more refined and the guitar sound has had the most siginificant change. The guitar sound has become significantly heavier, with more modern Black Metal feeling, yet having a futuristic, cosmic aura. Reflecting his life as a Scandinavian Dark Prince, a Black Metal Artist and a modern day Warrior, his sound has become more spiritual, of purer Black Metal emotion and of significant substance, with heavy Black Doom influences, a direction that Svendorrian is taking with Black Northern Reign Black Metal.

The Dark Prince and Norseman Hybrid Svendorrian have strenghtened their ground work with Black Northern Reign for 2012, culminating around the 2011-2012 winter. Significantly more sound engineering, refinement and production, with better, professional type videos are included. The sound continues to improve, with the use of black metal and clean oratory and melodic voices, stonger guitar, bass, percussion, and a more epic sound with keyboard and guitar solos. "The Black Hammer" symbolizes all that is Svendorrian, being a Patriot, a US Army Combat Veteran of multiple tours spanning decades, an entity in the Underground Black Metal scene, and a creator of Black Metal Power, both audio and visual. This series of tracks continues the progression and expression of the ancient elemental Norse Energy that forever rages in him like the North Sea during a winter storm. Made from the heart with Substance and Empowerment. This is a deeper side of Black Metal that is meant to be taken in spiritually. A type of Black Metal that is becoming more scarce every day. 

Black Northern Reign has exceeded all expectations of success. I will continue to produce my Signature Black Metal. This sound is planned to be a sound that is taken from the best of the 2010-11 and 2012 tracks plus a few things that I have not done before. I have always believed that everyone has the right to choose their own path, and I will excersize my freedom to make my own choice, and to hell with anyone who does not like it. Black Metal is originally not for "the masses." It is originally intended for an elite niche of people who can respect and appreciate it. If you do, then welcome, you are part of that elite niche. Black Metal does not care about being nice. Black Metal does not care about being liked. The paganistic origins of Black Metal expresses an ancient inner empowerment and being that is as old as the earth itself. With these tracks I will be excersizing this belief  in full force.It has nothing to do with being rebellious. Many people today claim to be free spirits, a rebels, non conformists, yet they are desparate slaves to the groups that they are enslaved with, and they can be abused if they tried to really take their own path, all themselves. I have found this a true test, for I am a Lone Wolf, a Black Wolf..surrounded by a flock of sheep, and I am just watching...silently.   I can be very anti group, anti genre, anti social, anti everything. That is part of what Black Metal is, and that is how my Black Metal shall be as well. I choose my own path and I answer to no person or group, or genre. So Mote it Be Written.

2013-2014 - Sound has become extremely purposeful, and meaningful, with great depth and power, yet maintaing the simplest of structures. This is expecially true with the "VIII" release. It is greater than the sum of its parts.

2015 - continues in the vein of 2014's "VIII" but keyboards are improved, and all words are taken from biblical text reflecting my own freedom to express my own spiritual beliefs, and what has comforted me when there was no one that comforted me. A person's true character is defined by how he/she handles adversity, not when times are happy and good. Because of my spiritual beliefs, I have grown in so many ways, and with God revealing the path of the Ophanim in my destiny, my loyalty is unquestionable.